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So what am I upto?


1) Album is still in production at varying speeds. All subscribed fans before the full release will still get a free copy!

2) Myself and Deshiel are both doing a cover/remix/stylised injection of one of our tracks each. While I am doing Deshiel's 'Stage Two' a LichInject, Deshiel is currently looking at 'Abandoned Testing Ground' and seeing what magic he can sprinkle onto it! The 'Stage Two' (LichInject) is essentially finished, I am just doing DIalogue and Lyrical writing and recording before fully releasing it the the masses of Newgrounds!

3) NGADM, lel doubt I'll get into the 1st round but if I do, prepare for audio agony!

4) I have gotten a copy of FPS Creator Reloaded GOLD after being offered a 40% off voucher for it. Downloading and shall be messing around with during the next couple of months. If I ever get the hang of it and start creating my own models etc. I'd be extremly happy to collab with a few people here and make a game along the style of the old Metroid Prime games or something similar, that would be damn awesome!

5) Working weekdays like normal, plenty of later hours I'm getting home now so I'm having to conserve time abit more. Oh well it will make me more efficient.

6) Thinking of possibly getting a few guys together here on Newgrounds and make our own online band or something in the possible future?


Anyway, that's all from me for now!

So I've demo'd BitWig on and off for around 10 man-hours so far and for a DAW which has seen it's full release drop this year (was up for Beta testing for around 2 years prior apparently), I do quite like it overall. The demo itself is like FL's, No Saving or Exporting but unlimited timeless use to try the product out etc.


Awesome Stuff I like about BitWig so far: (I still have much to learn and explore)

 - The user interface makes sense within around 30 mins of using the program for the first time

 - Better Auto-Quantanizing parameters when recording notation straight into a Pattern clip

- A choice between pooled/unified or individual VST processing

- Multi-Platform support (Windows, OSx & Ubuntu so far but they might be supporting another distro or two in the near future)

- Plug-ins are 'Sandboxed' inside of special wrappers, preventing the DAW from crashing if the VST errors out

- Open API for linking up and coding Controller's to run in BitWig looks hugely promising, especially for 3rd party developers

- The 'Detail Editor', basically a pimped-out Sample editor which is damn awesome

- It's (on average) less resource-intensive than FL or Cubase Elements after making comparisons between the three out of general curiosity.


Go check a brief feature set here! -


3 weeks ago by LichLordMusic

So I am totally cooking up an audition for the NGADM and have something pretty solid down already. It's pretty much unlike anything I've ever done before and it sounds incredibly vicious *cough* Industrial Black Metal *cough*. Soooo, over the next couple of days I'll see how it goes and upload it as my audition piece and hopefully get through (unlikely, half the competition have already been curb-stomped by the Orchestral/Cinematic krew's Audition pieces). Stay tuned.


Also, not much else in terms of album updates. Just slowly progressing forwards, getting stuff done, rewriting other bits and mastering a couple of the done ones up properly. More news in the next post regarding the album shall be available.

So this is just a small update regarding album progress really.

3 tracks super-dooper done, another two on the verge of completion and robably two more planned after that. For some of my oldest fans who have enjoyed and liked some of my 2011 shit, I have a suprise rework of one track in the 'almost done' part which sounds pretty damn awesome but I won't tell you guys which one it is untill I get preview No. 2 uploaded onto Newgrounds sometime. Even I marvel sometimes despite the absolutely terrible mastering (did I do it inside of a tin can or something?) some of the oldies compositionally do sound awesome when rebuilt and modernised. (One hint, it's a 2011 track of mine and the obvious hint: "My madness descending, alone forever", go hunting folks!)

As mentioned in the previous preview, anyone who is a subscribed fan to my Newgrounds page by the time of the album release shall recieve a free download code as a special thank you to you all! All you have to do is send a PM back when the time comes that I spam everyone's inboxes with the offer.

I have linked below a whole Track (Rough) demo of a track called 'Plasma Engine' for my upcoming album 'Ascended Through Agony'. I know there is Soundcloud's shitty compression issues (nothing I can do for that) and some clipping issues (which I will be sorting out for the final release) but it's just a rough for now. Hope you guys like what I'm cooking up!


6/6/14 by LichLordMusic

Nothing quite like drinking a shit load of cheap booze and dancing away to some Goa/Psytrance at like 1am in the morning with equally #wrek't buddies

So with an increasingly large Plug-In market becoming available and cheaper over the last couple of years, probably 99% of you have at least used some form of Distortion in your tracks at some point. Generally for your guys musical needs, what tools and methods do you use to Distort your tracks with? Do you simply Saturate something enough to Color the sounds or do you go for tight and absolute sonic destruction?

You guys and gals ever wondered why I haven't been uploading much this year? The picture below hints towards why, it's album time! No final release date, pretty much every track has been planned out and started on, just need to get some solid hours down to complete it all which shouldn't be much of an issue. Stay tuned for more!

Super special thank you for fellow Newgrounder for painting me this damn awesome Album cover for me! I would heavily suggest checking out all of his other artpieces, you will be in for a treat!


So what's LichLord upto?


Recently I have made a few test tracks trying out various different Mixing and Mastering styles. Lets call these 'prototracks' per say as they don't really construct so much into proper songs, they exist only for the Purpose of testing how differwent techniques and applications can produce the best result for the genre I work within. This shall be present in anything newer than my recent Pico Day track 'BloodLie' and all future audio entries will be of greater quality as I've found a sequence which will aid me greatly,

Next on the list is actual tracks. Two of them are currently in development and they are going very well at the moment. One is titled 'Soul Sanction' which is extremly agressive in nature (The drum samples alone are influenced from Suicide Command's distorted drum setup, but maybe abit more Punchier and with alittle less noise emitting outwards). The other one which is going in an Interesting direction called 'End Of THe Universe'. A slower, arguably softer but more brooding piece, this is pretty much encorporating heavily detuned synth-work in a slower and more atmospheric way. For my older fans, think of this as a new and nastier version of my track 'DevoidOvEverything'.

Lastly, I could submit them one by one on Newgrounds like normal or I can get shiny cover-art sorted out by someone and get a selection of new unreleased material finished off and released depending on lenght as an EP or Album... for free of course (Aka, it'll be Pay-what-you-want but I'd go say Pirate it once it's finished) if it even goes down that route.

No news on anything else at the moment. No hidden booze-infused tracks coming this way or super special side project suprises, just the above! :D

So what's going on in the world of LichLord?


1) I am making an Audio entry for Pico Day this year! It's definitely shaping up to be an interesting piece, it sounds like some pretty detuned & nasty sounding Industrial mixed in with a few Psytrance elements here and there. I am doing vocals for this one, easily alot less extreme than what I have been putting out recently but it's pretty touch and go with how that will work out. Lyrical content regarding the Pico series actually fits in very well within the genre I'm composing in (suprise suprise). Some experimenting with this entry aswell, it's mainly going to be driven by different little elemts which make up the track as a whole overall instead of being heavily lead-driven. Lots of complexity involved, lots of heat being generated from my dying PC because of that reason aswell! Oh and even before I begin on the mastering of this track, it already sounds pretty damn excellent if not alittle thin at this early stage.

2) Collabs. I am PM'ing people in the present & the distant future about hooking mup for doing some collab work. if you hjave replied back and have heard nothing else from me so far, apologies in advanced. I'm juggling like 10 things at the same time pretty much 24/7 :D

3) Talking about new PC's, I might just go ahead and get the parts on credit soon anyway. I have around 12 different screenshotted builds I could potentially go with, spanning a wide price range between a measly £800 to a beastly £2000! Depends on what I really feel like I need for present & heavier future work (oh and that does mean pretty much an i7/IB-E/XeonE3/XeonE5 based processor as an absolute minimum since I can max out an overclocked Phenom II x6 T1100 on all 6 physical cores at 95-100% on all of my modern tracks I'm working on and bounching fucking sucks).

4) Sound/Patch Design. My private Gladiator2 collection of self-designed patches are building up to around 50 or so, they are pretty much becoming my bread & butter patches of choice in pretty much 80% of my compositions. Seriously, Gladiator2 as much as I go on about it is incredible and I have probably made some of the most Dystopian and soul-suckingly nasty sounds imaginable just with alittle bit of Wavetable magic & playing around with it's timed 'HCM' concept. Another biggie I am still toying with and introducing one bit at a time is the Arturia V-Collection which I have (after that awesome 50% sale on the whole lot at christmas!) So far, Wurlitzer-V is mah boi when running the in-app pedals. Mix in some  external processing into the mixture and I can get some extremly wild and awesome leads out of it. CS-80V and Jupiter-8V are also becoming favourites of mine for some more 'Analogue' sounding Pad & soft leads while with Modular-V I can get some nice deep basses going on (sorry Mini-V, don't like you very much, nor you Prophet-V *sadface) 

5) I'll probably be hanging aroud on Newgrounds every single evening here and there so give me a shout if you have any questions you want the LichLord to answer (you must truely be desperate to come to me though).